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Who, When and How to Report Suspected Child Abuse

For more information on Edkey’s policies for responding to suspected child abuse, please consult our employee handbook.

Elementary Staff List

Elementary Administrative Staff Area of Responsibility E-mail
Rachael Lay Principal K-6
Erica Mannlein Dean of Academics
Laurel Gerla Adm Asst – Elementary
Michele Hill Registrar
Rebecca Collins Counselor
Dee Estrada Health Aide
Renee Velchek Food Services


Teacher Subject Email
Abramson, Brett K
Alva, Kristen 1
Bird, Becky 2
Breunig, Franco 5
Damron, Shelley K
DeCarolis, Heather 3
Dugan, Maureen Resource
Forrester, Shari Para – Resource
Foulkrod, Denise Reading Specialist
Gallagher, Matthew 5
Gantz, David Music
Hamilton, Ani 3
Hanks, Richelle 3
Hayes, Robin Before/After School Program
Holman, Shianne 4
Jackson, Zuri K
Johnson, Holly 4
Jupina, Aleksandra Resource
Kientzler, Marianna Library
Kimbrough, Tamyka 6
Lehman, Cory 6
Long, Lisa 6
McGinn, Terry Art
Miller, Kim 6
Miller, V Para-  Kinder
Muhs-Nuhfer, Amy Para – Kinder
Owczarzak, Kristin 2
Parson, Rogerlene 4
Piasecki, Teri PE
Portee, Ryan Para – Resource
Quinones, Marta Para – Kinder
Raske, Kathy Para -Title I
Richmond, Leeanne Computer Lab
Rogers, Wahkeyta 2
Rosati, Ann Para -Title I
Rose, Barbara Speech
Seckinger, Pamela 1
Shosted, Dillon 4
Spallinger, Nicole Before/After School Program
Stapleton, Deidre 1
Wheeler, Terra 5
Yazzie, Onawa 5


Secondary Staff List

Secondary Administrative Staff Area of Responsibility E-mail
Diane Silvia Principal 7-12
Lauren Wong Dean of Academics
David Berube Dean of Student Affairs
Glen Hale Athletic Director
Lisa Seavey Registrar 7-12
Amanda Koenig Office Administrator 7-12
Sue Seider Athletic Assistant


Teacher Subject Email
Bandin, Marissa Lab Advisor
Berube, Mackenzie ELA 9
Blanchard, David Latin, French, Drama
Braybrooks, Christopher JH Science, Biology
Comerford, Colin Geometry, Statistics
Contreras, Siria Spanish
Croxford, Christina ELA 7, ELA 8
Dugan, Maureen SPED
Garavito, Juan ELA 8, ELA 12
Goodrum, Christopher Acting, Social Studies
Hudson, Cate Physics, Robotics
Klepfer, Heidi SPED
Klepfer, Joe Biology, Chemistry
Koozer, Trecia HS History
Oosthuizen, Misti HS Science, Dance
Overmyer, Greg JH Social Studies
Print, Rhonda Culinary
Roadifer, Cindy Math 7, Pre-Algebra 1
Rubright, Rachel HS ELA
Salaz, Jorge HS Study Hall
Schroder, Scott JH Science, Env. Science
Smith, David Weights
Struble, Kevin Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus
Unterreiner, Jacob Guitar, ELA 11
Williamson, Kevin Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1
Wilson, Tina Art, Photography
Zappa, Derek PE, Health