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About Pathway

Pathway History:

The community of Maricopa is a small rural city located south of Phoenix. Maricopa is the only city in the nation bordered by two Native American communities; the potential for growth is limited. When Maricopa incorporated in 2003, the population was 1,040. During the following two years, its population exploded to 15,934 earning it the title of one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. Today, that population has more than tripled in size.

Sequoia Pathway Academy opened in 2009 with 300 students in grades K-8. Each year the student population has grown and Pathway is now a K-12 school with 1100+ students. During the past 10 years, Sequoia has solidified its place in the community as an educational institution that celebrates each student’s creativity and individuality. The ability to retain students after 8th grade has been a challenge since many students are looking for that “large high school experience.” However, during the past few years, student retention has greatly improved as Pathway has developed academic partnerships with community colleges, offered more rigorous curriculum, including AP courses, and developed an athletic program worthy of several state championship titles.

Pathway at Present:

It is the goal of Sequoia Pathway to meet the needs of community families who truly value the small-town feel of Maricopa and want their children in an intimate and personalized educational setting where their child is known and valued for their own uniqueness. We have discovered that this is a segment of the community we truly serve and we must continue to differentiate ourselves from the other larger school and charter options by providing a first-class education in a family-friendly environment while nurturing both social and emotional life skills.

Pathway Future:

If parents, educators, and other education stakeholders become partners in raising student achievement, Pathway will continue to thrive and on the upward trajectory toward becoming a first-class educational environment. Effectively integrating community members, parents, and other stakeholders into the educational framework of Sequoia Pathway will allow for greater opportunity to enrich the lives of our students emotionally, socially, and physically.

Pathway recently completed its 10th year and looks forward to the next 10 years in Maricopa. The shared vision of administrators and staff will continue to be“knowing each child.”