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Football Game Preview: Sequoia Pathway Academy vs. AZ Compass Prep

Posted On: 2016-09-23 09:42 AM

This week, AZ Compass Prep (0 - 4) and Sequoia Pathway Academy (3 - 1) square off against each other on Friday . AZ Compass Prep is hoping to reclaim some of the glory it left behind after its shocking comeback loss last week.

Last week, AZ Compass Prep took on Harvest Prep Academy. AZ Compass Prep's defense put the team in a good position heading into the break, holding Harvest Prep Academy to a measly six points. That put AZ Compass Prep at a 18 - 6 advantage. Unfortunately, the defense lost its edge in the second half, allowing 34 points. AZ Compass Prep just fell apart after the third quarter, letting a sure-fire win slip into a bitter 40 - 38 defeat.

As for Sequoia Pathway Academy, it came up short against American Leadership Academy, falling 21 - 12 last week.

We'll find out which team manages to turn its luck around when they battle it out this week.

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