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Football Game Preview: Heritage Academy vs. Sequoia Pathway Academy

Posted On: 2016-10-20 12:29 PM

Heritage Academy and Sequoia Pathway Academy are set to face off this Friday at 7:00 PM. Heritage Academy has a win under its belt but has never won back-to-back; of course, Sequoia Pathway Academy will be hoping to keep it that way.

Heritage Academy brought some tenacious defense (the best it has had all year) into its match. It took its last-week contest against AZ Compass Prep by a conclusive 34 - 6 score. At 28 points, that marked Heritage Academy's largest margin of victory so far this year. As for Sequoia Pathway Academy, it had all the answers against Harvest Prep Academy last week, winning 48 - 20.

Their wins bumped Heritage Academy to 3-5 and Sequoia Pathway Academy to 5-2. Both Sequoia Pathway Academy and Heritage Academy are bound to feel confident after last week, but one team's ego will take a hit. We'll find out on Friday which when the teams meet up this week.

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