About Pathway


In the summer of 2009 citizens from Maricopa approached Ron Neil with a proposal for Sequoia Schools (Choice Education and Development and Edkey Inc.) to build a charter school for Maricopa’s children. Since Sequoia Pathway is a school within the Ranch Charter we include this narrative and plan as a part of the renewal process.

Pathway Academy opened in a cluster of modular buildings in August with 340 enthusiastic students. Since that date Pathway has consistently scored in the Highly Performing category of the AZLEARNs continuum. Sequoia Pathway’s current grade with AZLEARNS is a B. We are striving to move towards and “A” rating.

Sequoia Pathway AcademyOur student growth reflects the community’s faith in our program. Pathway’s growth hit 408 by the end of the first year and we opened with 610 students in 2010-2011. In May of 2011 we moved into a new building, financed and constructed by Sequoia, with a student body of 781. This includes a 7-12 population that has been steadily increasing as parents look to Pathway for their older students.

The high school component of Pathway has successfully and gradually been grown to include:

2010-11 A full 9th grade program plus over 100 courses available online, including college courses for dual credit form Rio Salado and BYU.

2011-12 A full 10th grade program added with advanced mathematics added and availability of over 125 courses online, full language courses utilizing Rosetta Stone academic version, college credits for college courses from Rio Salado and BYU, and college credits AT Maricopa Community College.